BackScript - for Back-Stage Automation
We Are All Makers
The term "maker" is used a lot these days to describe tinkerers and innovators, especially for those immersed in 3D printing, micro-controllers and the IoT (Internet of Things). To all of us in the marketing automation world of Infusionsoft:
We are Makers, too!
Think of all the solutions, campaigns, add-ins and strategies you have created in the recent past. Think of all the problems you have solved for small businesses, the problems you are itching to solve and all the friends you have made along the way.  To work in this field is to be constantly an innovative maker. That aspect never escapes me and I am also itching to solve "the big one."
Customized Automation is Hard
In spite of the built-in tools and the available add-ins, there is often a ceiling that you hit when trying to adapt to a client's specific requests and needs. Just when you think your tool-set is complete, new workflows are requested, more integrations are needed and more twists and turns in campaigns are dreamed up by clients who, just like us, are constantly trying to push the limits in order to stand out and compete.
Enter { BackScript }
We created the beginnings of an internal scripting language in the year 7 BI (Before Infusionsoft), or 2001 for us. We have slowly enhanced it for use in our integration products and projects involving transformations and integrations. The time is right for a mature scripting language with a comprehensive ecosystem behind it to orchestrate automations and integrations. I will lay out the reasons why this is the right time for this plus many technical details in later posts, but right now I want to make it clear why I am reaching out at this early time...
  • We expect that many enterprising ICP's and Add-On Developers will use the platform to build out profitable solutions using these tools
  • We are planning types of automations not currently possible without a complete custom build-out for specific clients
  • We are creating tools to break open the current boundaries of configurable automation pathways
Looking for Enterprising Early Adopters
I am looking to connect specifically with the earliest of adopters, who, at just the mention of the bold descriptors above, start to formulate ideas and possibilities for themselves and their clients - if only they had this and that available to them. We want to work directly with such consultants early on and be sure we hit the mark for them as we evolve the product roadmap. Add-On creators may also have such curiosities for penetrating new markets with their solutions and may be interested in connectors and 2-way endpoints.
If that describes you,
then slide on up to the top/right
of this page and let us know.
We won't spam you (you know the drill) and we will keep you apprised of progress.  Communication will be sparse early on and you will see opportunities to plug in as we move forward.

Thank you very much for your interest and all the best,
Greg Fox
Data Management Associates (DMA)